The Art of the Wild.

Canadian Landscapes.

Douglas is a Canadian artist that specializes in capturing landscape paintings of the Canadian experience. When he is not working on building digital experiences, he is creating uniquely Canadian fine art. Inspired by modern materials, our country's history and the digital era his creations evoke an emotional connection to nature that so many of us have lost.

He is available for commission work upon request and prints may be ordered through this website directly.

Watercolor Stain


Douglas started painting because of a painting that hung in his grandparents' living room. This landscape piece by Franz Johnson, of Group of Seven fame, always stirred Douglas's deep emotions.


When the family sold the painting, part of him longed to feel that same feeling he had looking at the world through painterly eyes. The first painting he did was an acrylic piece after that very painting, and he has expanded his vision well beyond that since.

If you have a place, a scene, a feeling that you want to have as part of your life, Douglas would be happy to talk about it with you and help you see a window to the world through his painterly eyes.

Watercolor Stain
Stoco Lake, Ontario, Canada
Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
Stoco Lake, Ontario, Canada
Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada
Invermere, British Columbia, Canada
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Fathom 5 National Park, Ontario, Canada
Lake Louise


Douglas's landscapes are typically large canvases painted in acrylics and oils, with bold brushstrokes and colours that bring out the Canadian Landscape's raw natural beauty.

His subjects are primarily from the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, where he particularly loves to paint en Plein Air.



Pastels are as delicate and fleeting as the natural world we live in. Many of Douglas's pastels are created en Plein Air surrounded by the sights smells and sounds of the Canadian wilderness.

Many of these original works are available for sale or as high-quality prints.

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Douglas began his professional artistic journey when he appeared on the Burlington, Ontario art scene in 2011. Since then, they have participated in a number of collaborative projects and have exhibited their work throughout the world. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Douglas is primarily self-taught and has his own approach to - and definition of - art. He believes in constantly taking risks and believes that inspiration can be found wherever he looks. To find out more about his philosophy, feel free to get in touch.

Stoco Lake, Ontario, Canada